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  Belgian transsexual escort     Incall and outcall dates     Brussels airport (Zaventem)  
  Belgian transsexual escort     Incall and outcall dates     Brussels airport (Zaventem)  

How to get in touch with me


By phone

Mind: To make an appointment, it's necessary to call me; I don't make any appointment by mail or SMS.

You can get in touch with me, during the week or at weekends, -generally from 06:00 through 23:00-, by calling the number: +32 (0) 484 557 987 (Base)  or  +32 (0) 475 409 418 (Proximus).

Please understand that sometimes I cannot answer your call immediately. If the case arises, please feel free to call me again a little bit later.

I appreciate you don't hide your number: we can only establish good relations if we trust each other. Don't worry, I never call people who haven't explicitly requested me to do so.

By mail

Alternatively, you can also contact me by e-mail: info@AGNES.one.

I don't consider dealing with mails as a core activity of mine and therefore please understand that I only check my mailbox twice a day. Nonetheless, you'll get an answer to your mail within 18 hours; if this not the case -probably due to a technical issue-, don't hesitate to send me a reminder or just call me.

How about SMS?

SMS are acceptable for short communications but not for conversations.

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