Belgian transsexual escort     Incall and outcall dates     Brussels airport (Zaventem)  
  Belgian transsexual escort     Incall and outcall dates     Brussels airport (Zaventem)  

Availability, notices, special deals and some loose thoughts


Tuesday, January 12, '21

I'm still available for incall and outcall dates

I remain available to receive you or to visit you at home or at the hotel.
I'm available —by prior appointment— in the week or at the weekends. For more information, please see: All about appointments

Thursday, November 12, '20

Availability at weekends

Generally, I'm also available at weekends and on public holidays. More info

Friday, November 6, '20

Relaxation and spontaneity always prevail here

I still meet you in the manner that has always been mine, the one you like: spontaneous, friendly and natural.
In spite of the mass Coronahysteria, nothing ever changed and nothing is going to change.

Sunday, July 28, '19

Want to overcome your apprehension? - Having a discovery drink remains the easiest way.

I frequently have people expressing how difficult it is to overcome the apprehension of a first date. This is understandable since you don't know me by the time you call for the first date. To help overcome that apprehension, the so-called "discovery drink" is probably the best way. It's the possibility to meet me and have a drink without any further obligation. More details are available on the Fees page.

Wednesday, March 21, '18

Privacy and security on this site

I take your privacy very seriously, also when you're browsing this website.
This site -to the contrary of most others-, doesn't use Google Analytics to track your visit and it doesn't install any third-party cookie. So your data is not passed to Google or any other organization.
The communication with this site uses a TLS protocol. So you can be sure that you connect to the genuine site when visiting "AGNES.one" and the traffic between your computer and this site is encrypted.

Wednesday, November 11, '20

I'm available today November 11

I generally remain available at weekends and on public holidays.

Tuesday, September 15, '20

Air-conditioning and comfort

To make your date absolutely comfortable, I receive you in a room equipped with air-conditioning and I always have some chilled white wine in the fridge.
There is therefore no reason at all to postpone your visit because of the hot weather.

Sunday, August 16, '20

Availability in August

I remain available throughout the month August, in the week and at weekends.

Tuesday, June 2, '20

I remain available.

In spite of the current situation, I remain available. You can get in touch with me during my regular hours.

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